Supporting In-House Teams

We support in-house teams as they tactically and strategically evolve the way they provide legal and commercial support to their organisation. We help them as they refine and build a legal operating model that ensures that all legal and related work is undertaken by the right people, in the right place, in the right way, at the right time and at the right price; whether that work is undertaken in-house and/or by external providers.

Our solutions for in-house teams include:

Managed Services

Our fixed price Legal Advisory Outsourcing solutions are focused on the 60%-70% of legal work that large organisations do week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out that can be packaged into long-term managed service arrangements; from commercial contract and obligation management, through litigation and employment to IP, patents and property. By using dedicated-to-customer teams who understand the culture, risk appetite and style of our clients we become a seamless part of their function and free their team so that it can focus on key tactical and strategic matters.


Via our In-house Solutions organisations license our proven technology for use by their in-house team. Our easy to configure platform helps organisations manage instructions coming into the function, re-direct work that does not require legal input, triage work that does require legal support to the right person/team, and manage matters from case opening through all stages to case closing including document creation. Critically, it also provides comprehensive activity, quality and risk management information and data.

Prototyping Consultancy

Using our proven technology and our unique prototyping model you can, within four weeks of commencement, demonstrate to your legal and business stakeholders a working end-to-end solution that will support you as you evolve your legal operating model. A live prototype, configured to your organisation, covering instruction management, triage, self-service, case management, document creation plus activity, quality and risk reporting and visualisations. A proof-of-concept, showing the art-of-the-possible, accessible via your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Research Centre

As part of its responsibilities, our R&D Unit runs a Market Horizon Scanning Research Centre. Each month this Centre circulates the most interesting articles and reports from around the world that provide insight into how the legal market is changing and how technology development is re-shaping all professional services. Annually it holds a seminar with world leading speakers to help in-house leaders understand the key trends that will influence their organisation and how this will impact the evolution of the legal function.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to help in-house functions because we are a technology-led business with deep legal domain expertise. We manage many 1000s of legal matters pa, providing legal advice and support to global corporations and mid-sized and fast growing businesses. Combined with this legal experience we have extensive technology expertise. Our end-to-end service delivery platform covers instruction management, triage, self-service, case management, document creation plus activity, quality and risk reporting and visualisations. We license to in-house functions the same technology that our teams use to deliver managed services to our customers. We have an extensive investment in R&D, automation, expert systems, visualisations, analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Creating the foundational data and context layer that helps legal to be AI ready

Creating the foundational data and context layer that helps legal to be AI ready

Easy to use dashboards and analytics that help you make better and quicker decisions.

One of the key themes that differentiates Riverview Law is the way it uses dashboards, management information, analytics and visualisations to help in-house legal and related teams to make better and quicker decisions, manage risk, reduce cost and evolve their operating models. The power of these easy to create dashboards should not be underestimated. Whether they are used by individual lawyers, team leaders, Heads of Legal or General Counsel they help tell actionable stories that improve performance.

What you can expect as a customer

Our customers tell us that it feels very different working with us because we become part of their team. That’s our objective, to be a partner not a supplier. As a result we invest significantly in our customer relationships. The discussions that come out of the management information we capture enable us to knit together so much more closely with our customers, to build up a picture as to why certain activities are happening and how we can pre-empt them. Our entire model is built from the customer up.

Why do businesses buy our LAO solutions?

One of the key reasons that General Counsel buy our LAO solutions is because we have been able to prove that we can integrate more effectively with their team than other providers can. Why? Because we invest. We dedicate teams to accounts. We combine legal, operational, IT and client management skills into one team. Because we spend time understanding the legal and business requirements of our customers and using management information and trend data to provide business insight.

Using management information and trend data to reduce cost and pre-empt risk

Pretty quickly in a new managed service contract the focus moves from quality, because it's good, to how we can help our customers use the management information (MI) and trend data we generate to provide them with business insight. This is not just activity and volumetric data which tells you what is happening, how much of it is happening and what the trends are. It is MI and data that goes to the root cause of issues and then helps pre-empt them, improve operational performance, reduce future risk and lower costs.

Automated data capture that frees the function to deliver support to the business

To deliver real-time analytics and visualisations that are easy to use and that tell a story that can actioned, you first need to capture accurate, relevant and timely data. Accurate data-capture used to be big stumbling block; it was cumbersome, time consuming and inconsistent. This is why we built our end-to-end workflow platform which automates data capture. Whatever the area (contracts, risk management, litigation, property, employment …), whatever the process (from instruction management, through triage, case management and document creation), we’ve made it simple.

If you can use Microsoft Office you can use our tools and technology now

It is often thought that it is really difficult and time consuming to create workflows and analytics, to capture data and management information. That’s why we built our platform so that it can be used and configured by any individual who has Microsoft Office IT skills. All the individuals in this video are lawyers or client managers. None are IT developers or programmers. Our colleagues were surprised by what they could do, quickly. The race is on to provide easy to use software, tools and virtual assistants that help us all do better jobs!