In-House Solutions

Having met our people and seen what we do, visiting General Counsel and In-house lawyers often ask whether we will license our technology. Whether we can help them design, implement and roll-out processes, workflows, and data analytics tailored to their in-house function. As one General Counsel commented “If I had your systems, if I could tailor your model to my function, it would help my team make quicker and better decisions.”

Riverview Law In-house packages the Riverview technology and operating model into modules that can be tailored to any organisation. Modules that can be purchased individually or in any combination. These modules include Instruction Manager which helps manage the flow of matters into the in-house function, Contract Manager which manages new contract creation from start to finish via multi-channels (desktop, tablet, mobile) and Analytics which provides detailed management information and business insight. It also includes Implementation Manager which supports and drives the set-up and go-live process and Configuration Manager which enables in-house control and management of the workflows and processes.

Our In-house modules enable legal teams to evolve their operating models. It helps them do more with the same or less resource. It delivers relevant management information and data that is actionable. It is proven and low risk; Riverview Law teams use the same model and technology to deliver managed service solutions to existing customers globally.

Easy to use dashboards and analytics that help you make better and quicker decisions.

One of the key themes that differentiates Riverview Law is the way it uses dashboards, management information, analytics and visualisations to help in-house legal and related teams to make better and quicker decisions, manage risk, reduce cost and evolve their operating models. The power of these easy to create dashboards should not be underestimated. Whether they are used by individual lawyers, team leaders, Heads of Legal or General Counsel they help tell actionable stories that improve performance.

Automated data capture that frees the function to deliver support to the business

To deliver real-time analytics and visualisations that are easy to use and that tell a story that can actioned, you first need to capture accurate, relevant and timely data. Accurate data-capture used to be big stumbling block; it was cumbersome, time consuming and inconsistent. This is why we built our end-to-end workflow platform which automates data capture. Whatever the area (contracts, risk management, litigation, property, employment …), whatever the process (from instruction management, through triage, case management and document creation), we’ve made it simple.

If you can use Microsoft Office you can use our tools and technology now

It is often thought that it is really difficult and time consuming to create workflows and analytics, to capture data and management information. That’s why we built our platform so that it can be used and configured by any individual who has Microsoft Office IT skills. All the individuals in this video are lawyers or client managers. None are IT developers or programmers. Our colleagues were surprised by what they could do, quickly. The race is on to provide easy to use software, tools and virtual assistants that help us all do better jobs!

What is Riverview Law In-house?

Riverview Law In-house comprises a range of modules designed to help in-house legal teams make better and quicker decisions. It helps them control the legal process, whether legal support is delivered internally and/or by third parties. It helps in-house teams improve their efficiency and effectiveness by automating existing processes and tailoring workflows to fit their business and their way of working. The modules are easy to use and configure which ensures the legal function stays in control in a cost-effective way.

How does Riverview Law In-house help in-house functions evolve their operating model?

Riverview Law In-house is a catalyst for change. It helps in-house functions start and continue their transformation journey in a structured and effective way, starting with where they are today but with a clear view of where they want to get to. It allows them to take one or more of the proven Riverview Law technology modules and tailor them to their business. In a low risk way it helps them automate existing processes and free the time of their team so that they have space to evolve their operating model.

Is it easy for in-house teams, lawyers, paralegals and project managers to use and maintain the platform?

The Riverview Law In-house modules are easy to use for a lawyer, paralegal or legal assistant because they have been built from the user up and not from the IT developer down. They have been built so that they can be set-up, maintained and evolved by Super-Users who are not IT professionals or developers. The key philosophy underpinning the Riverview Law software development model is the emphasis on configuration rather than coding, an emphasis which enables a quick and effective response to trends or regulatory or other change.

How do we help in-house teams set up and Implement Riverview Law In-house?

Riverview Law experts support the implementation process. In a structured way, recognising that these are as much services as they are technology projects, a Riverview Law dedicated implementation team works with each customer to ensure that the solutions are introduced smoothly and effectively. As importantly, the solutions are also set-up to be self-maintained by each customer with additional day-to-day support being provided by the experienced Riverview Law Customer Service Centre which provides both user and technical assistance.

What In-house modules are available?

The modules range from ‘Instruction Manager’, through ‘Contract Manager’ to ‘Analytics’. Super-Users access the ‘Configuration Manager’ module. Initial implementation and set-up support is provided by a Riverview Law dedicated team using the ‘Implementation Manager’ module. Customers can buy one or any combination of the modules. Each module is tailored to the behaviours and processes of an individual organisation. This approach helps minimise initial change, increase user acceptance and reduce implementation risk.

What are the I.T. specifications of Riverview Law In-house?

The Riverview Law In-house solution is robust, scalable and secure. It is fully compliant with ISO27001 and BS9001. It is a hosted solution operating from a Tier 3 data centre. It has full integrity, access control policies, active-to-active fail-over and Disaster Recovery. Riverview Law has a lot of experience in working with the I.T. and risk teams in large organisations to structure the set-up so that it is fully compliant with whatever the Information and Security Requirements are of any organisation.