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We know that it is not enough to just have great people, processes and technology. You also need the right culture and values. It is the culture of Riverview Law that makes it stand out from other legal providers and which makes it so attractive to potential customers and recruits.

You can learn more about the team and their various roles at Riverview Law through the videos below and through our ‘Under the microscope‘ series.
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The Riverview Law DNA and Culture

The key differentiator for what we do in Riverview Law is our culture. We feel more like an in-house legal team than a private practice law firm. We charge fixed prices so there are no targets around billable hours, it's all about quality, customer service and contract renewal. We spend a lot of time in the recruitment process making sure it's right for the candidate just as it's right for Riverview. We don't want someone to join us and find that it's not for them.

Why you should think of joining Riverview Law

We spend a lot of time at the front-end of the recruitment process making sure people understand what it's like to work at Riverview Law. It's all about the kind of person you are. Sociable people who know how to have fun and work hard at the same time, but not take themselves too seriously, will fit in well. It is a highly professional, customer focused environment, but it strikes a healthy balance between exceeding customers' expectations and enjoying coming to work.

Our people and their roles within Riverview Law

Riverview Law has a wide range of roles and careers ranging from lawyers and business law executives through finance and IT teams to client managers and data analysts. One of the key strengths of Riverview Law is that we work as one team and we promote on merit. We run as a business and recognise that every team member plays a critical role in delivering services to existing clients as well as winning new customers.

We judge people by their contributions not their titles

We spend a lot of time making sure that people are the right fit for our business. We can always test for technical ability whether that's in a legal, IT, client manager, finance or support role. The key is do they have the attitude and spirit? We have a very flat structure and a rapidly changing business and this environment is right for some people and not for others. That's why we don't judge people by their titles. We judge them by their contribution and the way they operate and contribute to our culture.

Investing in the careers of our people

We promote on merit and contribution not on how old someone is or how many years' experience they may have. That's why we always look to promote internally before we commence any external recruitment. Where possible we'd always rather promote internally and back-fill the vacated role. This approach helps us foster and strengthen our culture and it also gives all our people career opportunities should they wish to take them.

Our approach to Induction

The key thing about our induction week is that we spend a lot of time examining our culture and what it is to be part of the Riverview team. On one of these days there is an all day workshop during which new starters create the entire Riverview Law business model, end-to-end, using our Moments of Truth model. We aim for people to end that week being 'Riverview Ready' with a strong feeling that we're working together to do something which is making a difference.

How our team describe Riverview Law

We asked our team which words they believed best describe Riverview Law …

Our Moments of Truth programme

You can have the best people, processes and systems in the world but the key is the culture underpinning this. Our culture is driven by Moments of Truth, a concept that is easy to understand both internally and externally and by all other Riverview Law stakeholders. Moments of Truth ensures that we all have responsibility for making sure that our customers, team members and other stakeholders are delighted every time they interact with us.

How do our team see Moments of Truth?

Moments of Truth is a model that we live and breathe every day. It's part of our culture and DNA. Moments of Truth is an easy to understand concept both internally and externally. All Riverview Law people go through a Moments of Truth programme which ensures that we all have responsibility for making sure that our customers, team members and other stakeholders are delighted every time they interact with us. This is what our team say about Moments of Truth.

We didn't enjoy making these videos!

One of our core values is that we want our team members to retain their individuality, to be 'Individual'. We all have a unique set of skills, experiences and opinions and that is why we recruited our people. So, when at work our team can be themselves. They don't have to pretend to be something different. They are encouraged to show their individuality and personality which contributes hugely to our culture and our environment. As you'll see from this video, our team did not enjoy making these videos!

Riverview Law Awards Dinner 2017

Highlights from our annual awards dinner!

Riverview Law Annual Awards 2016

Some highlights of our Annual Awards Dinner 2016. A fantastic evening celebrating the people within Riverview Law. A big thank you to FUSE for such a wonderful performance. FUSE appear courtesy of Deep Springs Entertainment (

Riverview Law Annual Awards 2015

Some highlights of our Annual Awards Dinner 2015. A fantastic evening celebrating the people within Riverview Law.