Our Approach

The legal profession is going through a period of significant global upheaval. Changes in regulation, technology and more importantly customer expectation create an opportunity for a more modern, flexible and customer-centric approach to the provision of legal services. At Riverview Law we believe that the way legal services are accessed and delivered really matters – to businesses, to individuals and to society in general. This is a core theme underpinning our business philosophy and our approach to the solutions we provide to customers.

This is what led us to create a fixed priced model for our services so that we can provide customers with budget certainty. It resulted in our business model being built from the customer up not the law firm partner down. It led to our strapline – ‘Legal input. Business output.’ – which tells clients what they can expect from us; high quality legal advice and support provided in the context of their business, risk appetite and their tactical and strategic commercial drivers. All of which are underpinned by talented people, effective processes, scalable technology and a customer-centric culture.

Our DNA and business model has a profound impact on who we are and the way we recruit, the people we employ and our induction, reward and measurement processes. It is reflected in our implementation and service delivery model which helps us become a seamless part of our customers’ teams. It is demonstrated by the way we use management information and trend data to pre-empt issues, manage risk and reduce future costs. It’s why our Moments of Truth philosophy underpins everything we do.

Riverview Law DNA and Model

The Riverview Law DNA and Culture

The key differentiator for what we do in Riverview Law is our culture. We feel more like an in-house legal team than a private practice law firm. We charge fixed prices so there are no targets around billable hours, it's all about quality, customer service and contract renewal. We spend a lot of time in the recruitment process making sure it's right for the candidate just as it's right for Riverview. We don't want someone to join us and find that it's not for them.

The annual Riverview Law 2015 Market Horizon Scanning Seminar Highlights video

This annual seminar was held on 19 June 2015 at the Royal Society, London. The world leading speakers from IBM Watson, Fast Futures, the University of Liverpool Department of Computer Science and Legal Executive Leadership, addressed the theme ‘The impact of global technology trends (including Artificial Intelligence, automation, analytics … etc) on your business, the role of the legal function and what you can do about it today’. Four hours of education and learning condensed into four minutes!

A different view on law

We think it's time for a different view on law. One that can help your business, instead of hindering it. A service that understands your needs and makes sure everything revolves around them. We think it's time you had more control, more access to information, more expertise and less confusion. This is about breaking away from the traditional way of delivering legal services.

What you can expect as a customer

Our customers tell us that it feels very different working with us because we become part of their team. That’s our objective, to be a partner not a supplier. As a result we invest significantly in our customer relationships. The discussions that come out of the management information we capture enable us to knit together so much more closely with our customers, to build up a picture as to why certain activities are happening and how we can pre-empt them. Our entire model is built from the customer up.

Using management information and trend data to reduce cost and pre-empt risk

Pretty quickly in a new managed service contract the focus moves from quality, because it's good, to how we can help our customers use the management information (MI) and trend data we generate to provide them with business insight. This is not just activity and volumetric data which tells you what is happening, how much of it is happening and what the trends are. It is MI and data that goes to the root cause of issues and then helps pre-empt them, improve operational performance, reduce future risk and lower costs.

Our Moments of Truth programme

You can have the best people, processes and systems in the world but the key is the culture underpinning this. Our culture is driven by Moments of Truth, a concept that is easy to understand both internally and externally and by all other Riverview Law stakeholders. Moments of Truth ensures that we all have responsibility for making sure that our customers, team members and other stakeholders are delighted every time they interact with us.

The reaction of customers when they visit Riverview Law

It is really gratifying that when GCs and their teams visit they invariably go away impressed, which is what we would want. More importantly they go away understanding the art of the possible, understanding what can now be done in the legal market. They are hugely impressed by the people, the technology, the structure and the culture. They meet our people and experience our culture, and that is what always makes them leave with that positive glow. It’s all about culture.

Cometh the hour

Post lunch with a senior partner in a law firm, the Finance Director of a large corporation turns the conversation to the pricing of a big legal project she is about to start. She wants a fixed price for the work. The ensuing discussion is ‘interesting’ and entertaining…

Our approach to Induction

The key thing about our induction week is that we spend a lot of time examining our culture and what it is to be part of the Riverview team. On one of these days there is an all day workshop during which new starters create the entire Riverview Law business model, end-to-end, using our Moments of Truth model. We aim for people to end that week being 'Riverview Ready' with a strong feeling that we're working together to do something which is making a difference.

We judge people by their contributions not their titles

We spend a lot of time making sure that people are the right fit for our business. We can always test for technical ability whether that's in a legal, IT, client manager, finance or support role. The key is do they have the attitude and spirit? We have a very flat structure and a rapidly changing business and this environment is right for some people and not for others. That's why we don't judge people by their titles. We judge them by their contribution and the way they operate and contribute to our culture.