Litigation & Legal Projects

We are focused on delivering effective solutions to our customers, whether they have a complex regulatory or court matter requiring a QC’s involvement from the outset, a portfolio of litigation requiring a discrete project team, or an employment, IP, property or other commercial matter. Having carefully scoped and understood the requirement we put together the right team at the right price to solve it.

Assembling the right team for the requirement is one of our core competencies. From the outset, our teams, centred on leading Barristers, combine the appropriately experienced lawyer(s) with, where necessary, a support team to help deliver the desired outcome. We make sure that barristers, solicitors and other professional staff, supported by our project and client managers, are combined to support the customer and strike the right balance between expertise, efficiency and cost.

By adopting this approach we are able to offer fixed pricing on every matter, including litigation. Although we do work on hourly rates where customers require it we prefer fixed pricing. We believe fixed pricing drives the right collaborative behaviours and, rightly, switches the emphasis from inputs, such as time spent and overheads, to outputs and value. Our model avoids bill-shock and puts the customer at the centre of the process.

Riverview Law is committed to delivering an efficient and cost effective “one stop shop” for business customers through our barrister led model. Richard Lissack QC was involved with Riverview Law at its inception and remains a consultant to Riverview Law. Riverview Law has access to specialist barristers across the English bar to augment Riverview Barristers team of highly-rated junior and leading counsel which includes:

Mukul Chawla QC
Kevin de Haan QC
David Matthias QC
Keith Morton QC
Oba Nsugbe QC
Mark Rainsford QC
Andrew Short QC
Andrew Spink QC

What you can expect as a customer

Our customers tell us that it feels very different working with us because we become part of their team. That’s our objective, to be a partner not a supplier. As a result we invest significantly in our customer relationships. The discussions that come out of the management information we capture enable us to knit together so much more closely with our customers, to build up a picture as to why certain activities are happening and how we can pre-empt them. Our entire model is built from the customer up.

The Riverview Law DNA and Culture

The key differentiator for what we do in Riverview Law is our culture. We feel more like an in-house legal team than a private practice law firm. We charge fixed prices so there are no targets around billable hours, it's all about quality, customer service and contract renewal. We spend a lot of time in the recruitment process making sure it's right for the candidate just as it's right for Riverview. We don't want someone to join us and find that it's not for them.

Cometh the hour

Post lunch with a senior partner in a law firm, the Finance Director of a large corporation turns the conversation to the pricing of a big legal project she is about to start. She wants a fixed price for the work. The ensuing discussion is ‘interesting’ and entertaining…