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From 1st September 2018, Riverview Law was acquired by EY. For more information please click here.

  • 1st August 2018

    August 2018 Market Horizon Scanning Report

  • 12th July 2018

    July 2018 Market Horizon Scanning Report

  • 5th June 2018

    Riverview Law Legal Re-Train Programme Launches!

  • 4th June 2018

    June 2018 Market Horizon Scanning Report

  • 4th June 2018

    General Counsel find their Platform

  • 1st May 2018

    May 2018 Market Horizon Scanning Report

  • 4th October 2017

    SRA approves Riverview Law to offer technology training seat

  • 9th November 2016

    Riverview Law awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation

  • 6th October 2016

    Riverview Law CEO named in FT top 10 tech trailblazers in legal p…

  • 6th October 2016

    Winner of ‘Innovation in Technology and Data Analytics̵…

  • 5th October 2016

    Winner in 4 Lex 100 Trainee Survey categories

  • 29th September 2016

    Winner of ‘Most innovative client-facing technology’ …

  • 28th September 2016

    Robert Farina appointed Chief Executive Officer of Kim Technologi…

  • 17th August 2016

    New Manchester office as Riverview Law eyes major recruitment dri…

  • 29th July 2016

    Riverview Law launch first Spanish Virtual Assistants powered by …

  • 25th May 2016

    ‘Triage’, one of the most powerful words in the In-house lega…

  • 6th May 2016

    Something’s Happening

  • 25th April 2016

    Global launch of first Virtual Assistants powered by Kim

  • 17th November 2015

    Would you rather be Uber or a taxi driver?

  • 4th November 2015

    Customers are the winners when the iTunes moment hits law

  • 25th September 2015

    Equality & Diversity at Riverview Law – Diversity Data 201…

  • 6th August 2015

    MSU Law Graduate Joins Riverview Law North American Expansion

  • 13th July 2015

    The dawn (and the imminent explosion) of AI in law and legal serv…

  • 5th May 2015

    Walking with the new legal giants

  • 1st May 2015

    Riverview Law to award up to 10 training contracts in 2015

  • 28th March 2015

    Jeremy Clarkson – sacked by the BBC – tips for dealin…

  • 27th March 2015

    Proposed Increase in Court Fees: A deterrent to spurious claims o…

  • 19th February 2015

    Legal Efficiency Report as seen in The Times – Case Study o…

  • 11th November 2014

    Sketching the Future – Axiom, Valorem, Riverview, LegalZoom…

  • 17th September 2014

    Legal Apprentice anniversary

  • 5th September 2014

    Riverview Law shortlisted for Modern Law Award

  • 19th August 2014

    When Riverview Law met Brian Pike – Diary of an Intern

  • 9th August 2014

    ReInvent Law, New York, June 2014 – ‘Customers are th…

  • 24th June 2014

    Legal IT: lions led by donkeys ?

  • 20th May 2014

    Evolution, Revolution (or Extinction) commentary of the Modern La…

  • 9th May 2014

    Our approach to recruitment

  • 2nd May 2014

    Riverview Law to launch training contracts and apprenticeships

  • 28th April 2014

    A day in the life of a Software Developer

  • 23rd April 2014

    A day in the life of a Solicitor

  • 21st March 2014

    Five Questions About Fixed Fees You’re Afraid to Ask

  • 5th March 2014

    A day in the life of a legal apprentice

  • 6th February 2014

    Riverview Law shortlisted for ‘Best Emerging Firm’ at MPF awa…

  • 5th February 2014

    The Riverview Law DNA and Model

  • 13th January 2014

    Riverview Law to sponsor award at the University of Law

  • 2nd December 2013

    The next generation: there is hope!

  • 28th November 2013

    Repackage the future of law

  • 22nd November 2013

    Why apprenticeships beat university

  • 31st October 2013

    Riverview speak at University of Law career day

  • 30th October 2013

    The Liberalisation of Legal Services: Coming Soon to a Town Near …

  • 30th October 2013

    So what is different about Riverview?

  • 25th October 2013

    The British are coming – with Sports Mixtures – what …

  • 9th October 2013

    Riverview Law instructed to act in connection with matters arisin…

  • 2nd September 2013

    Helsinki Heights: Susskind, That Skeleton and Ice Cream

  • 22nd August 2013

    Segmentation of the Legal Services Market – ‘The Banker’s V…

  • 22nd August 2013

    ‘Innovations in Legal Services’ 14 Eye-Opening Cases from The…

  • 11th July 2013

    Riverview Law warns “don’t follow Apple’s lead̶…

  • 3rd July 2013

    Lifting the Lid on New-Model Law Firm

  • 3rd July 2013

    Law firms are from Mars, customers are from Venus

  • 2nd July 2013

    Home thoughts from abroad – Legal Week Strategic Technology…

  • 27th June 2013

    Moulding the future of law firms

  • 25th June 2013

    Riverview Law’s approach to business legal service pricing

  • 9th May 2013

    What lawyers can learn from travel agents!

  • 22nd April 2013

    Riverview Law and social media ‘a winning combination’

  • 17th April 2013

    Riverview Law are proud to be part of Team Justice Gap for the Lo…

  • 7th March 2013

    Riverview Law scoops award for best emerging firm

  • 7th December 2012

    Maple Leaf Reflections

  • 5th October 2012

    The Financial Times recognises Riverview Law’s standout con…

  • 17th September 2012

    Legal Procurement Conference

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