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We’re changing the way legal services are delivered
and charged for by putting customers at the centre
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About Us

We’re not doing anything clever. We’re just applying common sense to the legal market

The UK legal services market is valued at approximately £24bn pa. It is highly fragmented with few brands. It's going through a period of significant upheaval. Changes in regulation and customer expectation provide an opportunity for a more modern, flexible, and customer-centric approach to the provision of legal services.

That's why, after nearly two years of research and analysis, we created Riverview Law in May 2011.

In creating Riverview Law we had all of the advantages of a new entrant. We had a blank piece of paper. No legacy technology systems, culture or people. No expensive offices and overheads. We were able to build our model from the customer up not from the law firm partner down.

Traditionally, law firms look at their costs and work out how many billable hours (lawyer utilisation rates) are required to generate a profit. We started from a different point, the customer. We analysed what was important to small, medium and large businesses. We then set about building a different, cost-effective, service delivery model that combined people and technology appropriately.

But we’re much more than a new entrant. We added to our view on the future of legal services the expertise and experiences of AdviserPlus Business Solutions and DLA Piper as strategic investors.

AdviserPlus delivers HR and Health & Safety outsourced solutions to businesses of all sizes. For many years it has provided these services to tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses on a fixed-price annual contract basis. On a fixed-price multi-year contract basis, it also provides HR and H&S outsourcing services to large corporations including banks, utilities, insurance companies, telecoms businesses and logistics organisations.

DLA Piper is one of the largest global business law firms in the world.

To ensure that Riverview Law can provide high quality support, at fixed-prices, we’ve adopted and adapted the following principles:

  • We’ve kept our overheads low
  • We don't have expensive city-centre premises to pay for
  • We don't have a large head-office or partner model to support
  • We use effective end-to-end technology and workflow systems to enable our legal and support teams to work flexibly and efficiently
  • We see legal services as just that, a service, and have deliberately swept the cobwebs off the traditional client/lawyer interaction
  • We don't reward our people for the number of ‘billable-hours’ they generate
  • We measure success in how effectively and quickly our teams satisfy customer legal requirements

And this is why we don’t think we’re doing anything clever. We’ve just had the luxury of being a well-funded business, with no baggage, that can innovate and make decisions quickly. We also have strategic investors and a strong management team led by Karl Chapman and Adam Shutkever who have experience in building large sustainable businesses.

We’ve combined our fixed-price experience and legal expertise with a customer centric business model and superb technology

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