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Riverview speak at University of Law career day

Recently we had great fun visiting the University of Law in Christleton to share the Riverview model with the next generation of legal professionals … and to share with them why they should consider starting their career with us. We (Ed Chan, Sam Cooper, Yasmin Shokrollahi and Tara Cavanna) spoke to around 30 students about Alternative Business Structures, the changing legal market and why we are in the process of securing an ABS license. It was clear that for many hourly billing and the ticking clock is all they know and what they expected. However, we hope that our enthusiasm for the innovative nature of Riverview changed that. Hearing what we do every day, at the front line of the service, seemed to challenge the students’ perception of how legal services should be provided. After all, since we launched we’ve been proving, day-in-day out, that affordable, first class legal services can be provided to all organisations, from the small medium enterprises to the large corporates without compromising on quality. As importantly, we’ve also proved that we can have fun whilst doing it. Two questions repeatedly came up: How can a business structure like Riverview’s possibly work, and what are the career prospects at Riverview? The answer to the first question is straight forward; we provide our legal services in a no-nonsense way that charges a fair, fixed price that delivers value to the customer and revenues and profit to Riverview. We’re transparent, open and honest with our customers and most importantly, we understand what they do. Add to that an enthusiastic and innovative team of people who are at the top of their game and there’s your answer. The career prospects are exactly what you’d expect from a fresh, dynamic business expanding at an impressive rate. We explained that that in just 2 months, we’ve doubled in size. Pretty impressive for a new business. And we’re still growing. There is already a huge amount of opportunity at Riverview for those who want it. Riverview recognises that a business is only as good as it’s people, so they are hugely committed to training and developing their staff to enhance their careers and support them on their chosen paths. After all, the team is ultimately what makes Riverview stand out from the crowd. I hope we helped to inspire these students, and change their perception of how legal services can (and should!) be provided. We think we got them excited for their future careers and we got them excited about Riverview. We certainly learnt a lot.