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Riverview Law’s approach to business legal service pricing

In this extract from the University of Law’s CPD training video, ‘Practice Management & Compliance: Costs’, Adam Shutkever, COO at Riverview Law discusses the fixed fee, customer-centric model used across their range of legal services for businesses of all sizes. In 2012 the Legal Ombudsman confirmed that costs are the single biggest reason for client dissatisfaction with lawyers, far outweighing any other sorts of complaints it receives.  The Chief Legal Ombudsman’s latest Report on costs and customer service reveals, unsurprisingly, that there is a growing desire from clients to pay a fixed price for a legal service, as opposed to an hourly rate.  Yet it’s often been thought that many of the more complex legal services, such as litigation, do not lend themselves to this model.  However, one firm is challenging this belief. The findings of the Chief Legal Ombudsman’s Report on costs and customer service has shown that clients would prefer clearer pricing and more control over how the costs of their case are incurred.  One firm attempting to address these issues is Riverview Law, who have adopted a fixed fee pricing model across their entire range of legal services.