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Lifting the Lid on New-Model Law Firm

A video interview with the head of our US office, Andy Daws, was just posted by law firm consultant Ron Friedmann and can be viewed here. Ron asks a number of questions about the origins of Riverview, market liberalisation and future plans, and he jokes with Andy at one point about the use of the “S” word … “Sales”! Remarkable as it seems, many lawyers still find the notion of selling their services somewhat abhorrent, yet an increasing number of firms are beginning to wake up to the importance of business development. Earlier this month, Andy was invited to speak to the annual conference of the Legal Sales & Service Organisation in Boston, which has grown significantly in recent years. The conference was attended by individuals from law firms around the world and whose primary role is in the area of sales and business development. It’s a unique event that brings together a roster of thought-provoking speakers as well collaboration (the “C” word, for many firms!) in small groups to learn together. If you’re interested in learning more visit Legal Sales here.