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August 2018 Market Horizon Scanning Report

Welcome to the August 2018 edition of the Riverview Law Market Scanning Report.

As part of our market and horizon scanning activities we have always collected and circulated internally relevant legal market articles, commentaries, reports and blogs. When we shared this data with a GC he asked why we didn’t routinely share this with him because he’d find it invaluable. It was a good question!

So, we now publish this report which, as you’ll see below, contains links to what we think are the most interesting and relevant legal market commentaries of July 2018 and previous months.

Best wishes,

The Riverview Law R&D Team

July 2018

Data Is The Key To Survival In Today’s Competitive Legal World
30 July 2018
Above The Law

Law Firms, Artificial Intelligence, And The Fork In The Road
26 July 2018
Above The Law

Law Firms are Inefficiency Factories, Automation is the Cure
25 July 2018
Remaking Law Firms

Attention Legal Industry Decision-Makers: Before You Spend on Legal Tech, Read This
23 July 2018

‘Triage’, one of the most powerful words in the in-house legal dictionary (page 24)
July 2018
Liverpool Law Magazine

Riverview gifts its AI to charity to help City lawyers do more pro bono
13 July 2018
The Lawyer

Legal Delivery at The Speed of Business — And Why It Matters
25 June 2018

AI improves efficiency significantly for law firms
13 June 2018
Global Legal Post